Polar Bear Recon is a four piece Alternative Rock group based out of Northern Michigan.  They perform covers from the 1960's to the present including originals of their own.  


The band started back in 2012 as a two piece acoustic cover band "The Lone Rangers".  After about six months of playing together John Galacz (Vocals, Lead) and Ryan Svoboda (Vocals, Rhythm) met Meghann Edgerton (Percussion) and Tony Whitmore (Bass) and after consuming large amounts of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Polar Bear Recon was born.  It was a wild ride in 2013 and one that the founding four members will never forget.  With the departure of Meghann in the Fall of 2013, PBR picked up Andy Whitmore of the Whitmore 4 and Intoxitones to fill in on the drum kit.  Andy brought in a new energy with the drums and helped PBR take their music to the next level.  After a good run in 2014, Andy left the band to pursue other opportunities.  Andy's brother Haynze also filled in on drums during 2014 and did an exceptional job.  With the addition of Dave Covell joining the band on drums in late 2014, Polar Bear Recon continues to rock into the future.  Over the past 3 years, they have played shows in many of the local establishments including The Wigwam, The Pines, Breaker's Bar & Grill, Downtown Johnnies, The Inn Between and many more.  Along with these gigs they have performed at weddings, house parties, and local festivals.    


Currently, Polar Bear Recon is in studio recording their debut album "Along The Way" with Producer Chip Stead.  The band will be blending elements of different genres including Rock, Country, Folk, and Alternative.  The recording process is complete and the album completed.  The release party is scheduled for December 10th at Downtown Johnnies Tavern at 9:30PM!


​Let PoLaR BeAr ReCoN entertain you at your next party, wedding, festival, or bar gig!

PoLaR BeAr ReCoN

Alternative Rock, Pabst Blue Ribbon, & Shenanigans!


​Contact:  231-268-8038



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